Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Muse - 3rd Entry

I long for the carefree days of the past. We were sexually insatiable and the only limiting factor was our imagination.

I remember the seductive red glow of your naked bodies at my studio apartment. You and Trinity pleasuring each other on my futon, teasing one another, getting each other wet.

I loved how you both orally pleased my throbbing cock. Taking turns sucking on it's thick shaft, playfully fighting for it. Your long nails tickling my balls as you craddled and softly sucked on them while Trinitly swirled her long pierced tongue around the head.

I loved fucking you from behind when you were in a 69 with Trinity. Both of you were worthy of worship.

You were sexual goddesses!

I long to be wedged between both of you after we fuck to complete exhaustion. To feel both of your long legs, silky hair, smooth skin, and perfect breasts against my body.

You drive me wild with lust.

When I find you again I might have to bring Trinity with me! We will rekindle the sexual beast within.

After all this time our imaginations have only grown bigger!

The possibilities of pleasure are endless!

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