Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friends with Benefits - Part 1

June was here already, which meant it was my turn to have the girls. I anxiously wait in the back VIP room at Club Vortex. The room's outrageous decor always seemed erotic to me. It reminded me of Austin Powers' jumbo jet. A rotating lime green bed, blood red love seat, black vinyl booth, all set under the dim lighting.

I finish the last drag off my Camel Turkish Gold when Amber and Brenda walk in locking the door behind them. They're both wearing silver trench coats and black thigh high boots, almost an identical reflection of one another. In perfect harmony they drop their coats to the floor and march towards me like runway models. I sit at the booth and admire the sexual aura they exude.

"Be patient baby, Brenda and I want to perform for you first," Amber says seductively.

"Let's see what you got my sexy ladies."

Their bodies lock perfectly together, breasts pressing against one another and pussies grinding to the deep techno beat from the club outside the door. Amber pulls a small bottle of body oil from her boot and pours the silky liquid between their bodies as they continue to pump against each other. Their bodies shine and have a musky scent. Their mouths fall in rhythm with one another as they kiss deeply and passionately.

Amber oils up two fingers and slides them deep into Brenda's cunt. Brenda's auburn hair swings from side to side as she gets finger fucked. Amber drops to her knees and works Brenda's clit with her long tongue, doubling her pleasure. Brenda grabs the back of Amber's head and grinds against her mouth, letting out a series of moans.

"Oh yes Amber I'm almost there, oh God," Brenda cries out releasing into Amber's mouth. Amber looks up at her lustfully with glazed eyes, her face wet with Brenda's cum.

The girls move the show to the round bed. Brenda pushes Amber onto her back and climbs on top of her kissing Amber wildly. Brenda works her way down and nibbles and sucks on Amber's oily tits, making her cry out.

She continues to flower Amber's naked body with her mouth, leaving no area untouched. Brenda finally nestles between Amber's legs working her tongue in and out of her hot snatch. Amber's moans fill the room over the music. She looks at me and gestures me to join them at last. I tear off my clothes without hesitation.

I position right behind Brenda while she works Amber with her hot mouth. Brenda's ass presses back against my hard cock. In one swift thrust I enter her from behind, both girls moan simultaneously. I fuck Brenda from behind smoothly as she works Amber in perfect rhythm, her mouth an extension of my throbbing cock.

Amber arches and thrusts her hips into the air.

"Oh God I'm gonna cum, oh my God!"

Brenda bangs back against my dick in excitement as Amber moans and shakes with a delightful orgasm.

I slowly pull out of Brenda and walk over and lie on the love seat. Both girls follow close behind and drop on top of me at both ends. It's Amber's turn to ride. She slides down on my slick cock and Brenda lowers her pussy onto my eager mouth. The girls ride in harmony, squeezing each others tits, kissing and moaning with pleasure.

Our chorus of moans fill the room, this is it, here it comes, the heavens can feel it. Our lust, our friendship, our agreement, our love, our cum in a crescendo orgasm.

Amber pumps against me hard as I flood her pussy with my cum, Brenda yells out and releases into my mouth while amber sucks her perfect tits. Amber continues to fuck me until she's satisfied shortly after, her groans muffling into Brenda's breasts.

July is not too far off. I wonder if the girls can exceed that performance when Ryan gets his turn..........I can only wonder.

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